Saturday, August 22, 2009

My new class

Well I had my first week of school. As I have written before I have a new class this year. This year I have a class of all boys. I was supposed to have 6 boys. But one of the boys mother wants to home school him. We’ll see what happens with that. This week I had four of my boys. One kid did not come in because the buses did not run Sunday.

My boys’ ages range from 9 to 12. They would be in the 3rd, 5th, and 6th grades. One of my boys is autistic and everyone is low mentally. The boys have visional impairments. Two of my boys are wheel chairs. One of my boys needs assistance walking with a walker or holding on to staff.

I have three other people working in my room. I have two aides and a BI with me. The BI is a behavior interventionist. She is there for two of my boys that have behavior problems. It makes life interesting at times. We had our moments this past week. Unfortunately, both of those boys are going to have surgery this year. So what ever progress on there behavior we make with them before the surgery will have to start over again when they get back. So that is a little bit about my new class. Wish us luck and pray for us.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Moving into a new class room.

I moved into a new class room this year. I had to come in early on Wednesday, August 5th to move the boxes and items from my old room. Look at all that stuff.

Where am I going to put it all? There was a lot of stuff left in the room. I have to find places to put my stuff. I come back on Monday, August 10th to work on the room.

We had to be back on Tuesday, August 11th. In between meetings we had a little bit of time to work on the room. I took a couple days and some help, but everything found a home.

I really could not do it with out the help of my aids. They took the job of going through our closet. Our motto was when "in doubt throw it out". We through out a lot of old stuff.

The question I guess is how long will it stay clean? The kids come back on Monday, August 17th. We have registration and meet the teacher night on Sunday. Ready or not here they come.